2010 Graduate Research Forum

$500 Grand Prize

Eli Vlaisavljevich- (Biomedical Engineering) for "Magnetoelastic Materials as Novel Bioactive Coatings for Control of Cell Adhesion to Prevent Implantable Biomaterial Associated Fibrous Overgrowth"; Advisor: Rupak Rajachar. 

$100 Merit Awards

Christopher Rivet - (Biomedical Engineering) for “Development of a Composite Hydrogel Containing Electrospun Fibers for Spinal Cord Injury”; Advisor: Ryan Gilbert.

Jonathan Zuidema - (Biomedical Engineering) for “Incorporation of Chitosan and Dextran into Hydrogel Blends Improves Neuronal Adhesion”; Advisor: Ryan Gilbert 

$50 Honorable Mention Awards

Yiru Chen - (SFRES) for “Overexpression of auxin efflux carrier PIN9 gene alters secondary xylem development, gravitropic response and apical dominance in Populus”; Advisor: Victor Busov. 

Natalie Hartman - (Biomedical Engineering) for “Vaporized Bioglass Polymer Composites for Interfacial Tissue Regeneration”; Advisor: Rupak Rajachar.

Sarah Kiemle - (Biological Sciences) for “Land Plant Polymer Homologs in Primitive Taxa of the Charophycean Green Algae, Chlorokybus atmophyticus and Klebsormidium flaccidum”; Advisor: Michael Gretz.