2012 Graduate Research Forum Awards

Grand Awards 2012

Kefeng Li (Biological Sciences) for "Multiple Metal Resistant Bacteria from Metal Contaminated Lake Sediments Promote Metal Accumulation and Plant Growth", Advisor: Ramakrishna Wusirika

Maria Tafur (Chemical Engineering) for "Reduction of Virus Infectivity in the Presence of Osmolytes", Advisor: Caryn Heldt

Merit Awards 2012

Tayloria Adams (Chemical Engineering) for "Characterizing the Dielectric Behavior of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells", Advisor: Adrienne Minerick

Ran An (Chemical Engineering) for "Micron-scale Ion Concentration Gradients in Nonuniform AC Electric Fields", Advisor: Adrienne Minerick

Jennifer Lind (SFRES) for "Examining Genetic Variation and Local Adaptation in Hybridizing Sympatric Oak Species Quercus rubra L. and Q. ellipsoidalis E. J. Hill", Advisor: Oliver Gailing

Rafi Shaik (Biological Sciences) for "Epigenetic and microRNA mediated regulation of drought responsive genes in rice", Advisor: Ramakrishna Wusirika

Undergraduate Research Forum Grand Prize

Hal Holmes (Biomedical Engineering) for "Remote Modulation of Cellular Behavior with Magnetoelastic Materials", Advisor: Rupak Rajachar