2013 Student Research Forum Awards

Graduate Grand Prize 2013

Ramkumar Mohan (Biological Sciences) for "miR-483, a Novel MicroRNA Expressed in Pancreatic Beta Cells but not in Alpha Cells", Advisor: Xiaoqing Tang

Graduate Merit Awards 2013

Komal K. Bollepogu Raja (Biological Sciences) for "The Role of Toolkit Genes in the Evolution of Complex Wing, Thorax, and Abdominal Color Patterns in Drosophila guttifera", Advisor:Thomas Werner

Maria Tafur (Chemical Engineering) for "Reduction of Porcine Parvovirus Infectivity in the Presence of Protecting Osmolytes ", Advisor: Caryn Heldt

Undergraduate Grand Prize 2013

Morgan Owen-Cruise (Biomed Engineering) for "Synthesis and Characterization of Dopamine and Nitrodopamine Modified Poly(ethylene glycol)", Advisor: Bruce Lee

Undergraduate Merit Award 2013

Keegan Yates (Biomed Engineering) for "Divalent Ion Removal Improves Stability and Mechanical Properties of Gelatin Hydrogel", Advisors: Megan Frost and Feng Zhao

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