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Undergraduate Research


  • The road to new knowledge starts with an open mind and a good question, but is paved with hard work. Our undergraduate researchers have been able to provide all of these and have learned much in the process.

  • Outstanding undergraduate members of our lab have had the opportunity to conduct their own research projects on topics related to belowground ecology. Sources of funding for these efforts have included the National Science Foundation's Research Experiences for Undergraduates program (NSF REU) and Michigan Tech's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (MTU SURF). Current and past undergraduate researchers have included:


    Kenneth Carruthers (NSF REU 2011) "Influence of worm invasion on root biomass and respiration in old-growth hemlock-hardwood forests"


    Alex Mehne (MTU SURF, 2011) "Performance of non-local tree species planted in Baraga County, MI "


    Gerald Jondreau (NSF REU 2010) "Influence of root biomass and specific respiration rates on variation in ecosystem level fine root respiration among forest types"


    Julie Jarvey (NSF REU 2009) "Northern hardwood root respiration in response to chronic nitrogen addition" Results presented at Ecological Society of America's annual meeting in Pittsburgh, August 2010.