Burton Lab Research

researchOur research focuses on the cycling of nutrients and carbon in forest ecosystems, especially that occurring belowground.  Many of our current projects specifically investigate how global change factors, such as climate, elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide, tropospheric ozone and chronic nitrogen deposition will affect ecosystem function, productivity and community dynamics.

  • Michigan Gradient -Long Term Nitrogen Deposition Study

    Nitrogen (N) saturation of terrestrial ecosystems is one of the most important contemporary ecological issuesMore

  • Northern Forest Ecosystem Experiment/Aspen FACE

    There is evidence beyond dispute that modern society is causing the concentration of atmospheric CO2 to rise dramatically and ozone levels in the troposphere are approaching toxic levels (to plants) in areas exposed to heavy industry, air traffic and auto-exhaust.More

  • Midwestern Regional Center of the National Institute for Climatic Change Research

    The National Institute for Climate Change Research (NICCR) is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Office of Biological and Environmental Research (BER). The Midwestern Region supports work in the following states: ND, SD, Neb, Ks, Ok, Mn, Io, Mo, Wi, Il, Mi, In, and Oh.More

  • Soil Warming in Northern Hardwood Forests

    Short and long-term temperature acclimation of root systems in woody plants and the moderation of warming-induced enhancement of soil CO2 efflux

  • Treeline Change in Norway

    This project, initiated by MS Student Adam Airoldi, examines the recent rebound in treeline elevation in Norway in response to changes in land use and climate. It also assesses the potential C sequestration as alpine forests redevelop in their former range in the absence of grazing and mining pressure.More

  • Undergraduate Research

    Outstanding undergraduate members of our lab conduct their own research projects on topics related to belowground ecology. Funding for these efforts have included the National Science Foundation's Research Experiences for Undergraduates program and Michigan Tech's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship.More

  • Carbon Sequestration in Tropical Forests.

    This project, conducted in collaboration with the Forestry Institute in Ghana (FORIG), is refining methods to calculate biomass and carbon content of tropical forest plantations in Ghana.More