FW 3170

Land Measurements and GPS


Instructor: Michael Hyslop
Office: Room 141 Noblet Forestry
Phone: 7-2308
email:mdhyslop at mtu.edu


•NOAA Magnetic Declination Calculator
(Declination changes annually. You'll need to know your location's latitude and longitude. You can also look up a zip code, or find lat and lon by country and city name).
Example: Alberta is at 46.64° north latitude and -88.48° or 88.48° west longitude. Its 2012 declination is -3.9426 degrees, rounded to 4 degrees west. Houghton is at 47.116°, -88.548, and its 2012 declination is -4.001, rounded to 4 degrees west.

•Declination diagram declination diagram (source: Avery and Burkhart, ch 4)

Instructions on how to create a point shapefile from a coordinate list

Page last modified: 18 June, 2012
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