FW 3180

Geomorphology, Landscapes and Ecosystems

Instructor: Michael Hyslop
Office: Room 141 Noblet Forestry
Phone: 7-2308
email:mdhyslop at mtu.edu



for use in the field

Field review sheet (use when assessing sites)

Plant ID guide (8.8 MB)

soil texture by feel version1 version2

soil textural triangle

web resources

Wikipedia page on Geologic Time

Wikipedia pages addressing: clay silt sand soil

USDA soil resources

USDA Web Soil Survey (look up soils online)

USDA list of published soil surveys (some available in PDF format)



   Glacial Geomorphology Field Trip (Sept 2007)

   Huron Mountains Field Trip (Sept 20, 2007)

   Keweenaw Field Trip (August 2007)


   Glacial Geomorphology Field Trip (October 2006)

   Keweenaw Field Trip (Sept 25, 2006)

   Huron Mountains Field Trip (Sept 21, 2006)



    Huron Mountains Field Trip (Sept 30, 2005)

    Little Mountain Field Trip (Sept 26, 2005)

    Keweenaw Field Trip (Sept 21, 2005)



    Keweenaw Field Trip (Sept 20, 2004)

    Huron Mountains Field Trip (October, 2004)

    Alberta Geormorphology Field Trips (October, 2004)


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