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•A new web page for GIS resources at Michigan Tech is here:


Blue Habitat Guide (PDF, 12 MB) ( not a GIS resource, but... )

Michigan Georef .prj file

The parameters for MI GeoRef are included with ArcGIS and may be found under

Coordinate Systems : Projected Coordinate Systems : State Systems: NAD 1983 Michigan GeoRef (Meters).prj  (ArcGIS 9.2 and later)

Coordinate Systems : Projected Coordinate Systems : National Grids: NAD 1983 Michigan GeoRef (Meters).prj  (ArcGIS Pre-9.2)

More information on Michigan-specific projected coordinate systems is available from the Michigan DNR
or from Dave Lusch at MSU

•Transferring data between a Garmin GPS and ArcMap (and vice versa): a quick guide

•Generating random points in ArcGIS: a quick guide

Calculating stream sinuosity (linear length) in ArcView and ArcMap


Add X,Y data to ArcMap directly from Excel (PDF) (for ArcGIS 8)

• You can convert upper case or lower case text in an attribute table to "proper case"- an upper case first letter and lower case remainder - by using the following expression in the Field Calculator: StrConv([Existing Field], vbProperCase)
Be sure to replace [Existing Field] with the field that contains the text you want altered, and apply the expression to a new, empty text field. An ESRI help doc on this command is here


Add X,Y coordinates to an attribute table in ArcMap (PDF) 

               X-coordinate field calculator expression for the above how-to   (right-click and save file to your computer if it opens in your web browser)

               Y-coordinate field calculator expression  for the above how-to  (right-click and save file to your computer if it opens in your web browser)

 Update: adding X and Y fields is even easier with ArcGIS 9.x. Use the ArcToolbox tool found under ArcToolbox > Data Management Tools > Features > Add XY Coordinates. You can also manually create the empty fields and use calculate geometry, X coordinate of point and Y coordinate of point...

Add unique IDs to table data in ArcMap (PDF)

• Magnetic declination calculator  (NOAA)  (Canadian Geological Survey) Current declination (as of June 2017) is

4.01° W (-4.01°) at Houghton (47.09°N  88.67°W)


4.09° West (-4.09 °) at the Ford Center / Alberta (46.68°N   88.48°W)

{Sep 2010: 3° 45' W at Houghton, 3° 49' W at Alberta

Jul 2008: 3° 38' W at Houghton, 3° 42' west at Alberta

Jan 2006: 3° 26' W at Houghton, 3° 30' west at Alberta

July 2004: 3° 20' W at Houghton, 3° 25' west at Alberta}

Current change is ~ 0.04° west per year.


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