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•A new web page for GIS resources at Michigan Tech is here:


Blue Habitat Guide (PDF, 12 MB) ( not a GIS resource, but... )

Michigan Georef .prj file

The parameters for MI GeoRef are included with ArcGIS and may be found under

Coordinate Systems : Projected Coordinate Systems : State Systems: NAD 1983 Michigan GeoRef (Meters).prj  (ArcGIS 9.2 and later)

Coordinate Systems : Projected Coordinate Systems : National Grids: NAD 1983 Michigan GeoRef (Meters).prj  (ArcGIS Pre-9.2)

More information on Michigan-specific projected coordinate systems is available from the Michigan DNR
or from Dave Lusch at MSU

•Transferring data between a Garmin GPS and ArcMap (and vice versa): a quick guide

•Generating random points in ArcGIS: a quick guide

Calculating stream sinuosity (linear length) in ArcView and ArcMap


Add X,Y data to ArcMap directly from Excel (PDF) (for ArcGIS 8)

• You can convert upper case or lower case text in an attribute table to "proper case"- an upper case first letter and lower case remainder - by using the following expression in the Field Calculator: StrConv([Existing Field], vbProperCase)
Be sure to replace [Existing Field] with the field that contains the text you want altered, and apply the expression to a new, empty text field. An ESRI help doc on this command is here


Add X,Y coordinates to an attribute table in ArcMap (PDF) 

               X-coordinate field calculator expression for the above how-to   (right-click and save file to your computer if it opens in your web browser)

               Y-coordinate field calculator expression  for the above how-to  (right-click and save file to your computer if it opens in your web browser)

 Update: adding X and Y fields is even easier with ArcGIS 9.x. Use the ArcToolbox tool found under ArcToolbox > Data Management Tools > Features > Add XY Coordinates. You can also manually create the empty fields and use calculate geometry, X coordinate of point and Y coordinate of point...

Add unique IDs to table data in ArcMap (PDF)

Macro to "explode" multipart features into single part features. See the ArcMap online help topic "Creating, editing and running macros" for instruction onhow to use the macro. The original ESRI support article is available here

• Magnetic declination calculator  (NOAA)  (Canadian Geological Survey) Current declination (as of November 2011) is

3° 50' W (-3.83°) at Houghton (47.09°N  88.67°W)


3° 54' West (-3.9°) at the Ford Center / Alberta (46.68°N   88.48°W)

{Sep 2010: 3° 45' W at Houghton, 3° 49' W at Alberta

Jul 2008: 3° 38' W at Houghton, 3° 42' west at Alberta

Jan 2006: 3° 26' W at Houghton, 3° 30' west at Alberta

July 2004: 3° 20' W at Houghton, 3° 25' west at Alberta}

Current change is ~ 0° 4' west per year.


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