Plotting Survey Data


Once the data is collected and checked it is ready to be plotted.  Following are the steps involved in this:


1. Draw on the paper to be used a North-South (NS) line.  The direction of this line does not matter, nor does its placement.  In the middle of the NS line place a dot.

2. Pick a place on the paper which will represent the first point of your survey.  Its position does not matter so long as you will be able to fit the rest of the points on in their respective places.  Lets call this point A

3. Put a protractor on the NS line with the center of the protractor on the dot, and the flat side of the protractor along the NS line.

4. A tick is placed on the paper by the spot on the protractor which corresponds to the angle from the first point to the second.

5. Connect this tick and the dot that was at the center of the protractor with a line.  This gives you the direction of your first traverse.

6. Now, draw a line parallel to the line just drawn, but start this line at the dot representing the first point and with a distance proportional to the measured distance from A to B.  The length of this line depends on the scale you wish to draw your map.

             7.  Repeat steps 3-6 with the rest of your bearings until you plot all the                          segments.