How to Build an Abney



1.  Sight                        The sight can be any tube like material such as a pipe or straw or a target much like on a gun.

2. Angle Measure    This can be a protractor, or anything with angle marking inscribed on it.

3.  Pendulum                This can be simply a string, wire, rope with a weight tied to one end.



For this example I will use a straw as the sight, a piece of cardboard as the angle measure, and string and a hex nut as the pendulum.  This example is also described with pictures HERE but should look similar to Figure 1.


1.  Tape a piece of cardboard to the side of a drinking straw at one edge of the cardboard.

2.  Punch a hole in the cardboard near the middle of the straw (and next to the straw) and tie a string around the straw.

3.  Tie a hex nut to the other end of the string, so that it hangs down from the center of the straw and is below the cardboard.

4.  Mark multiple angle measurements on the cardboard radiating out from the hole below the straw.