FW5710 - Trees in Ag Systems Projects


FW5770 Community Planning and Analysis Projects

Trees in Agricultural Systems (FW5710 - Michigan Technological University) and Community Planning and Analysis (FW5770 - Michigan Technological University) students put together web sites on topics of their choice.

Forestry and Agriculture

* Bees.

* Teak.

* Pitcher irrigation.

* Microlivestock.

* Pest Management in North West Africa.

* Microcatchments / water harvesting.

* Moringa oleifera ... the mulitpurpose wonder tree.

* Silvopastoral Agroforestry Systems.

* Solar Cooking.

* Food Preservation.

* Oil Seed Processing.

* Apples in Central Asia.

* Rain Erosion.

* Vermiculture.

* Composting in Wet Environments.

* Composting in Arid Environments.

* Solar Greenhouses.

* Staple Crops of West Africa.

* Alley Cropping.

* Women's Projects with Groundnuts in West Africa.

* Living Fences.

Women and Development.

* Women's Literacy and Development.

* Women's Projects with Groundnuts in West Africa.

Water and Sanitation / Engineering

* Drinking Water in Developing Countries.

* Evaporative Cooling Systems.

* Solar Water Treatment.

* Estimating Design Discharge for Small Ungaged Watersheds Using the SCS Method.

* Water Purification.

* Wind Power.

* Hurricane Resistant Housing Design for Central America and the Caribbean.

* Pit Latrines I.

* Pit Latrines II.

* Springboxes I.

* Springboxes II.

* Well Construction.

* Low and No Tech Rural Mapping.

* Wastewater Treatment in the Tropics.

* Grey water.

* Solar Cooking. (Number 1)

* Solar Cookers. (Number 2)

* Oil Seed Processing.

* Improving Air Quality degraded by home cooking.

* Improving the Quality of Brick Manufacturing.

* Rain Erosion.

* Rower pumps. (Not developed by Michigan Tech Peace Corps students, but recommended by MTU geology professor and RPCV Philippines Charles Young.)

* Solar Greenhouses.

Household / Income Generation

* Soap Making I.

* Oil Seed Processing.

* Cereamine - A special set of information put together by Brock Emerson. Cereamine is a high-energy flour made from corn, beans, rice, millet, and peanuts. The flour is used to make a warm porridge similar to Cream of Wheat. Africans in the south of Mauritania, many of whom are farmers, grow the basic ingredients for Cereamine.

* Soap Making II.

* Improving Air Quality degraded by home cooking.

* Making Soy Milk.

Environmental Concerns.

* Deforestation in Honduras.

* Erosion in Bolivia.

* Deforestation in Siberia.

* Madagascar and Soil Erosion.

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