Erosion in Bolivia

by Frank Aragona and Kristina J. Owens


Bolivia, situated in the heart of the South American continent, is often referred to as the Tibet of South America. The comparison is telling, for Bolivia's landscape is a mosaic of high mountain peaks, low land valleys, and extensive tropical rainforest. An unfortunate consequence of the steep Andean terrain is a severe problem with soil erosion. This page is aimed at providing information and sources on the problem of soil erosion in Bolivia. General information and links on soil erosion and soil conservation techniques are provided, along with some general information on Bolivia. We have tried to include as many links related specifically to the problem of soil erosion in Bolivia  

Cultural Background:

In order to understand the problem of erosion in Bolivia, a firm understanding of the cultural and historical forces involved is necessary. Below are some links that provide cultural, economic, and historical information on Bolivia.


Cultural Links

Bolivia News and facts in English! information about Bolivia for those people wanting to visit or are just interested in the culture.

CIA Fact Book-is a site that has a lot of really good information about the country's geography, people, government, economy, communication, military, transportation, and transnational issues.

More facts about Bolivia is a similar site with general country information, but has more details of Bolivian history.

U.S. State Department: Bolivia an extremely detailed and comprehensive study that covers all aspects of Bolivian culture and society.

The World Factbook Page on Bolivia is a similar page that has access to more pictures along with vital information about many of the same topics.

Bolivia Internet 24 color photos of Bolivia

Bolivian Times Weekly Newspaper an English newspaper on the internet, with headline news, sports, opinion and color photos.

In Spanish

La Razon -is a Bolivian Newspaper. You can search by using some key words such as Medio ambiente, erosión, cultivo, agricultura, or forestal for the following terms: environment (issues), erosion, agriculture/farming, and forestry.

Los Tiempos is another Bolivian Newspaper. This site also has links to other resources in the country. It includes government agencies such as the Department of the Environment Instituto de Estudios Medioambientales . There are also other sites that are provided. If you have problems bringing them up, just type in the address rather then click on it.

Images of Bolivia

Picture of Lake Titicaca

Another Picture of Lake Titicaca

Problem Statement

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