Brickmaking is an important industry in many parts of the world. It is an activity that can take place in many forms, in large modern factories to small rural businesses. Although the process is simple, many techniques involved in the brickmaking process are subject to error, possibly reducing the quality of bricks.

This website will present a background of minimum conditions needed to begin brickmaking production, as well as an overview of the process of brickmaking. This website will also consider possible problems that occur in the brickmaking process that reduce the quality of the finished product. There are many ways to increase the efficiency of energy use in the firing process of brickmaking, and the final section of this website will show some techniques that can be employed to save energy and fuel during firing.

Conditions Needed for Brickmaking

This section describes the minimum conditions necessary to begin a brickmaking production.

The Brickmaking Process

This section will give an overview of the brickmaking process.

Improvements to the Brickmaking Process

In this section, common defects of bricks are described, as well as their causes and how to improve the process to correct the problem.

Increasing Efficiency in the Brickmaking Process

This section lists improvements to the brickmaking process that will help increase energy efficiency.

More Resources

This section lists more resources that deal with brickmaking.

Background Conditions Process Improvements Efficiency More Resources