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African Gender Institute


“The AGI's Mission is to contribute to the realization of this vision by building intellectual capacity and establishing an African resource dedicated to strengthening and advancing the work of intellectuals, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners committed to the attainment of gender equity.”


Africa Confidential



Gives trusted interpretation of events in Africa



  The Directory of Development Organizations


EXCELLENT Guide to International Organizations,  Governments,  Private Sector Institutions, Development Agencies,  Universities,  Research and Training Institutes,  NGOs/PDOs,  Grantmakers,  Banks,  Microfinance Institutions and Development Consulting Firms


The Africa Project Development Facility




 The Association for Progressive Communications


This website provides help to African entrepreneurs to prepare viable projects. It can provide advice on the start-up of new businesses as well as on the expansion or diversification of established companies in sub-Saharan Africa.



AWID  The Association for Women in Development


An international organization dedicated to gender equality, sustainable development and women's human rights.




Women’s Environment and Development Organization





Women's Rights and Economic Change GOOD ARTICLE:

 What Are the Benefits of Economic Literacy Training for Women?