Students praise of the Peace Corps Master's International Program at Michigan Tech.


"As a Peace Corps Masters International Student I was able to bring a greater knowledge of the techniques used to help problem solve. Working on a thesis has not only given me an in-depth perspective on international scientific research but a know how to organize a project and a community."

--- Daniella Zanin, Peace Corps Panama


"A real way to combine academic principles in real life situations where you can effect lives in a positive manner."

--- Russ Slatton, Peace Corps Panama


"My time at Michigan Tech and Peace Corps Bolivia working on my Masters in Forestry were some of the most invaluable years of my education. It was trying, wonderful and rewarding. The friends I made and the goals reached (and not only my own goals) will last me a lifetime. This experience will always be with me."

--- Susan [Fox] Metcalfe, RPCV Bolivia


"The LMRPCMI program prepared, supported and offered me a sense of guidance for my continuing passion of the many stepping stones unforeseen in my career today. Success is only as reachable as you are committed to seeking opportunities that are right in front of you."

--- Kat Schnobrich, RPCV Paraguay


"As a result of my participation in Michigan Tech's Masters International Program my eyes were opened to previously unrealized possibilities, both personal and professional. The program set forth a series of events and opportunities that continue to shape my life today."

--- Jeff Ploetz, RPCV Bulgaria


"I'm now confident that i can handle any challenge put in front of me, and the undertaking of that challenge builds more character than whether or not I succeed at my original goal."

--- Jen Papillo, RPCV Paraguay


"I chose the Masters Program at Michigan Tech because I liked the idea of hands-on learning and the emphasis on prepping students for Peace Corps service. Now that I have completed my service and go back to write my thesis, I feel confident in my studies because of the constant contact of Dr. Orr throughout my service- he has real experience as a RPCV, he understands the process and always has helpful advice."

--- Kate Povel, RPCV Panama

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