Wastewater Treatment in the Tropics


Systems for the Developing World




Above is a picture of a lagoon created by the daming of a river in Guatemala for the purpose of generating hydroelectric power. Interestingly, this lagoon is made up primarily of sewage. Half of Guatemala City's wastewater is dicharged into this river, and later collected in this reservior. Although this was not meant to be a system of treatment, there are many biological process taking place that reduce the harmful effects of the waste. Click above to learn more about lagoons. (photo taken by Elly Bunzendahl)

This is a photo I took near Ica, Peru. This "oasis" of sorts is actually a wetland fed by the nutrient rich sewage coming from the nearby village. The sign reads "Salida de Aguas Residuales", which can be translated as "exit of wastewater". Like the lagoon to the left, treatment was probably not the primary goal of this setup. However, the vegetation in this system is capable of removing harmful constituents in the waste. Click above to learn more about wetland systems. (photo taken by Danny Hurtado)

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