Jason Rhoades - Peace Corps Armenia.

Goddard College - Music emphasis.

Jason is both a Peace Corps Volunteer and a graduate student in the Loret Miller Ruppe Peace Corps Masters International Program at Michigan Tech. Find out more about this program at http://peacecorps.mtu.edu/.

From an email on 29 July 2006.

training is almost up here in Armenia. busy but not to bad. i will be moving to Hrazdan, a soviet industrial town of 50000 people in the center of the country up in the mountains, in two weeks to be doing environmental education and who knows what else. oh and Armenia is very beautiful and the people are terribly kind in general.

From an email on 18 August 2006.

Everything is going very well here. I am going for long walks in the town and hikes in the mountians. The people are very kind. The language is coming slowly but it is coming. And I am enjoying having no real idea what I will be doing for the next two years.

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