Loret Miller Ruppe

Peace Corps Director, 1981-1989

Loret Miller Ruppe (center of photo) was the longest serving Director of Peace Corps, from 1981 to 1989. President Clinton and her world-wide family of Peace Corps Volunteers mourned her death in 1996.


Throughout her distinguished career in public service, Loret Miller Ruppe dedicated her considerable talents and energy to the cause of world peace and to the well-being of her fellow Americans. As Director of Peace Corps for almost a decade, she brought renewed vigor to its mission of promoting peace through development. And she continued that commitment to international cooperation in her responsibilities as American Ambassador to Norway.
--- President Bill Clinton


The Loret Miller Ruppe Fund for the Advancement of Women was established with a generous grant from Director Ruppe's estate to the US Peace Corps. The fund's purpose is to provide women in developing countries with small financial grants to support grass-roots development projects.

Loret Miller Ruppe in Africa.


Loret Miller Ruppe's Speech at the 35th Anniversary Celebration, March 1-3, 1996

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