NGOs working on projects


      ACDI/VOCA: ACDI/VOCA A private, nonprofit international development organization providing high-quality technical expertise at the request of farmers, agribusinesses, cooperatives, and private and government agencies abroad.

      Concern America: A small nonprofit, nonsectarian, nongovernmental development and refugee aid organization

      Groundwork Institute: A non-profit organization concerned with creating low cost, environmentally sound communities based on the participation of the people who live in them.

      Life Water Canada

      Plenty International: Plenty facilitates the transfer and exchange of renewable and non-exploitive technologies, practical skills, information, and friendship among peoples and communities across cultures and generations. check out

      SHARE Foundation: Building a New El Salvador Today : A non-profit institution which supports the empowerment of impoverished and marginalized Salvadoran communities as they seek long-term, sustainable solutions to the problems of poverty, underdevelopment and social injustice.

       Umgeni Water. The largest water authority in the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa and is centered around the Great Durban and Pietermaritzburg Metropolitan areas.

      UNICEF - WES Program (water, environment and sanitation). Many on-line articles, factsheets and recent statistics available. Information is focused on women and children in urban or rural areas. Most information is organized by region. Includes list of agencies involved in the WES Sector.

      Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO): A UK-based volunteer organization providing technical knowledge to the communities in developing countries.

       Water Partners International. Innovative cost effective projects


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