General Water Information

Researching water? Need information on how fits into religious life? Or need to search the web for other web topics? How about defining a few of those water terms? The following sites I have found useful, entertaining or just interesting. Enjoy!


Water facts

      Water in Animism and Water in Religion: Both of sites explore the relationship and importance of water in religious life.

      The Water Facts of Life: Just the facts

      EPA Water Education Link: Simple, yet effective ways to share facts about any water topic.


Databases and Journals

      Water Scanner Database: A database with a unique search engine that enables the internet-user to find relevant sites about water management.

      International Journal of Water Resources Development: Journal articles explore all areas of past and current research in this field.

      World Water Information on the Worlds Freshwater Resources

      Green Pages Water Supply and Sanitation Green Pages includes ten main chapters with 77 sub-classifications and features 6,666 suppliers and environmental organizations from 135 countries.

      World Bank WATSAN The portal for people working in the water and sanitation sector


On-line Dictionaries

      Water Words Dictionary: A compilation of technical water, water quality, environmental and water-related terms from the Nevada Division of Water Planning.


On-line Calculators

      Our Ecological Footprint: Calculate your sustainability. Many other sites provide a similar calculation, but I prefer the layout, information and results from this site.

      Thames Water Efficiency - Water Usage Calculator: User-friendly site that provides an approximation of your daily water usage.



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