Women and Water


Women and children are often responsible for collecting water for the home; therefore including women in the planning of drinking water projects are essential. 


*   Web Links

ü      IWMI:  The Gender and Poverty Link

ü      Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council

ü      WELL Resources - Gender and Water

ü      WID:  Women In Development

*   Books

1.          Fernando, Vijita.  Energy and Environment Technology Source Books:  Water Supply.  Intermediate Technologies.  London:  1996.  Includes technical information on wells, carrying containers, handpumps, pipe networks and water purification.  Also discusses project planning with women reinforced with case studies.

2.           International Women’s Tribune Centre (IWTC).  Women and Water.  July 1990.  Newsletters 20 (1980) , 28 (1984), 43 (1989) International Women’s Tribune Centre  (www.itwc.org) distributes a newsletter on women and development issues featuring diverse subjects such as technology, “violence, women’s rights, indigenous knowledge, environment, microenterprise. It uses simple text and graphics to illustrate, stimulate and inform. It is designed primarily   as a teaching tool, and is widely translated and adapted for use at community and village level.”  Unfortunately, little information is available for downloading, but resources available for ordering are free to groups in developing countries. 



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