Additional Resources and Links

Cooking Stoves by Country: A list of stove related web sites organized by country by the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST).

   Cook Stove Links: A list of organizations developing and promoting cookstoves and fuel by CREST.

   Aprovecho's Stove Page: More detailed information on the Estufa Justa Stove and several other's designed by Aprovecho Research Center.

   RWEDP Type of Stoves: Information from the RWEDP on efficient stoves used in Asia.

   International Energy Initiative: The IEI's Energy for Sustainable Development Journal has several articles on improved stove projects.

   Stove Intervention Study in the Guatemalan Highlands: Details of a study performed by University of CA Berkeley in Guatemala.

   Intermediate Technology Development Group: This website contains several reports relating to indoor ar quiality, improved stoves and ventilation hoods.

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