About Teak (Tectona grandis L.)


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·           United States Department of Agriculture Fact Sheet


Tectona grandis, a member of the Verbenacae family, has different common names around the world:





             Pohnpeian-Tuhkehn wai


Tectona grandis is native to Southern Asia; India, Myanmar, Thailand and Indochina ( Source). There are nearly 3-million hectares of Tectona grandis worldwide. Height growth can reach 150 feet. Diameters reach 3-5 ft. with fluting and buttressing common in older trees. Individuals are harvestable for timber after forty years in the wild ( Montessori ).


Tectona grandis prefers sites with a high moisture, high site index, small or no slopes and high available calcium and magnesium (Montero et al.) . Regeneration of Tectona grandis L. occurs from stump sprouts, artificial propagation, seeding or planting.


Tectona grandis is a highly desirable timber species. Common uses include structural timbers, boats/ships and furniture. Veneer products can be made as thin as .7mm ( Hashim Md. Noor). Specific gravity is between 0.55 and 0.77.  Other physical properties can be found at the United States Department of Agriculture Fact Sheet and Caye Hardwoods.


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