All theses are in pdf format. To obtain Acrobat reader for these got to the Adobe web site.

Amend, J. - Risk and Coffee Production in Mhaji, Tanzania.

Aragona, F. - A Case Study of Onion Production in the Tipajara Watershed, Mizque, Bolivia.

Bergert, D. - Management Strategies for Elaeis Guineensis (Oil Palm) in Response to Localized Markets in Southeastern Ghana, West Africa.

Brower, A. - Honduras: An Ethnographic Study of El Armado National Wildlife Refuge and Guayape, Olancho.

Cohen, M. - Utilizing Microcatchment Systems to Increase Tree Establishment Rates in the Bolivian High Plains.

Downs, C.M. - Hearth Fuel Acquisition and Use in Morocco's Imnane Valley.

Durham, A. - Social Network Analysis of Women Resources, and Community in Angla, Ecuador.

Ely, Marjorie. - Analysis of Renewable Energy Project Implementation: Biogas and Improved Cookstoves in the Village of Chhaling, Bhaktapur District, Nepal. [Appendices F, H & I are in a separate pdf file.]

Filius, K. - 100% Inventory Methods for Urban Parks in Khimelnitsky, Ukraine. [Appendix F is a separate pdf file.]

Fox, S. - Analysis of Ecotourism: The Municipal Reserve "Curichi Cuajo", Buena Vista, Bolivia.

Gurganus, G. - A Study of the Farming System and Technology Adoption in Yade-Bohou, Togo.

Heist, W. - Community Tree Nurseries in Ghana, West Africa: A Case Study of the Collaborative Community Forestry Initiative (CCFI).

Jarvis, A. - Paraguayan Tung (Aleurites fordii Hemsl.): An Important Small Farmer Crop Diversification Strategy.

Jones, M. - Evaluation of Honduran Forestry Cooperatives: Five Case Studies.

Judd, M. - : Introduction and Management of Neem (Azadirachta indica) in the Smallholder's Farm Fields in Baddibu Districts of The Gambia, West Africa.

Keinath, S. - Environmental Education and Perceptions in Eastern Nepal: Analysis of Student Drawings. [Appendix B is a separate pdf file.]

Lincoln, K. - The Use and Potential of the Pita Plant, Aechmea magdalenae, (Andre) Andre ex. Bake, in a Ngobe Village: A Case Study of Chalite, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

Owens, K. - Genetic Diversity of Annona cherimola Mill in South Central Bolivia.

Owens, W. - Riparian Buffer Zones of the Ybytyruzu Mountain Range, Paraguay.

Ploetz, J. - Implementation and Effectiveness of a Traveling Nature Display for Environmental Education in Central Balkan National Park, Bulgaria.

Ploetz, K. - An Ethnobotanical Survey of Wild Herb Use in Bulgaria.

Rahn, K. - Cultural Assessment of Reforestation Practices in Rural Eastern Paraguay.

Schnobrich, K. - An Ethnographic Study of Tree-Planting Successes and Failures by Small Farmers in Paraguay.

Shao, M. - Parkia biglobosa: Changes in Resource Allocation in Kandiga, Ghana.

Slatton, R. - An Evaluation of Agricultural Adoption by Ngobe Farmers in Chalite, Panama.

Zanin, D. - Feasibility Of Teak Production For Smallholders In Eastern Panamá.

Zerbock, O. - Land Use and Water Quality in El Corpus, Choluteca, Honduras. [Three large maps with thesis: Map 1, Map 2, and Map 3. All maps in pdf format.]

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