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TROPICAL ICON Florida Test Site

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    MTU Florida Field Test Site
  • Location:  Austin Carey Forest (near Gainesville, FL)
  • Elevation:  7m (23 feet)
  • Mean Annual Temperature (F/C):  68.5/20
  • Mean Annual Precipitation (in/mm):  50.6/1280
  • Scheffer Index: 110
  • Soil Type:  Sandy, Pomona Series
  • Hazards:  Wood decay fungi, Reticulitermes flavipes (Eastern subterranean termite),


Termite Test Site

Our Florida Test Site is host to Reticulermes Flavipes, or the Eastern Subterranean Termite.

See above ground testing for a detailed explanation of the test method used.

Florida Above Ground Testing

Above ground field tests at our Florida field site include:
  • Lap Joint Exposure
  • Depletion Rate
  • Termite Exposure
  • Siding Exposure
Please see above ground testing for test details.

Florida Ground Contact Testing

Ground contact tests at our Florida field site include:
  • Field Decay Stakes
  • Field Depletion Stakes
  • Posts
Please see ground contact testing for test details.