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  • Soil Type: Deep, well drained soils that formed in material weathered from volcanic ash. The top soil is typically 10-13 inches thick, is dark brown silty clay loam with a strong fine subangular blocky structure. It is friable, slightly sticky and plastic, has many roots, many medium and fine pores, is very strongly acid (pH 4.8) and has an abrupt, smooth boundary.

Termite Test Site

Our Hawaii Test Site is host to Coptotermes formosanus , or the Formosan Subterranean Termite.

See above ground testing for a detailed explanation of the test method used.
Termite Site

Hawaii Above Ground Testing

Above ground tests at our Hawaii field site include:
  • Lap Joint Exposure
  • Depletion Rate
  • Termite Exposure
  • Siding Exposure
Please see above ground testing for test details.

Hawaii Ground Contact Testing

Ground contact tests at our Hawaii field site include:
  • Field Decay Stakes
  • Field Depletion Stakes
  • Posts
Please see ground contact testing for test details.