Bowling Club Teams

Tuesday Mens

Eric T, Eric J, Mike and Brian
The Tuesday men's team is: Brian Beachy, Eric Gano, Mike Hyslop, Eric Jurgensen, Marty Jurgensen, Erik Lilleskov and Eric Trott

(you must sign a waiver if your name is not Eric and you want to bowl Tuesday)

Wednesday Mixed

Thankgiving week, 2002

Graduating seniors, December 2002

Graduating seniors with Marty

The Wednesday mixed teams include (but are not limited to): Chad Hiltunen, Angela Johanson, Laura Kruger, Marla Rader, Melissa Powers, Peg Gale, Andrew Storer, Noah Karberg, Lori Caelwaerts, Jen Taylor, Wendy Jones, Angela Grimes, Kelly Standerfer, Steve Crigier, Diana Valentino, Chris Webster, Mary Webster, Eric Jurgensen, Marty Jurgensen, Jon Neuendorf, and Christian Giardina

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The FR&ES Bowling Club is a university-approved organization. You may donate funds to support the teams just like these sponsors

For more information about the Bowling Club contact Marty Jurgensen at 487-2206

Page last updated January 28, 2003

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