Fall 2006 Minutes

3 October 2006

T-shirts: Passed around drawing for T-Shirt (looks good). Kurt is working on getting a shirt made as an example.

Nate went through a recap of the TWS conference in Alaska.

The TWA is having an animal tracking workshop in the following locations: Stevens Point on Dec 2-3, Watersmeet on Dec 5-6, Munising on Dec 9-10. Would likely cost 50 dollars to attend.

Projects: We hope to organize a live trapping session and/or telemetry session sometime in the Spring semester. We thought it would be a good idea to see if Jackie or Rolf has any projects we can get involved with.

Highway Cleanup: Oct 21st!! Afterwards we will have a bonfire/sauna at Alberta. All are welcome.

Volunteer Work: Houghton-Keweenaw Conservation District - They have 2 preserves, possible opportunities: cleanup, pulling of spotted knapweed in the spring, help with tree sale of native plants Anyone interested can attend the annual meeting on Oct. 27 in the UPPCO building and don’t forget the PIZZA BUFFET!
TNC - Has protected land in the Keweenaw and we coupld work on Wildlife track surveys (winter), Mapping of habitat types, Marking of property boundaries.
Seney NWR - Sharptail grouse surveys probably won't work out this year. Other ideas are being considered.

We are now an officially recognized club!

An Inconvenient Truth will be showing on campus, sponsored by ESC in conjunction with SFI and the Ecology Democrats on October 29 and 30 at 7pm. We offered help with advertisment. Location to be announced.

Movie night: Next Tuesday we are showing Cane Toads in G002 at 7pm. Snacks will be provided. I already talked with Andrea about reserving the room. Dan is getting snacks and Lindsey is picking up the movie from David. Katie is making the flier, which Lindsey so kindly offered to distribute. Hope to see ya’ll there!

Library Program: Nate is working on setting up a date for a Fall program at the Portage Lake District Library.

Conclave: Takes place in April at Stevens Point, WI. More information to come.

19 September 2006

We started off by going through introductions then recapped the previous meeting. Lindsey gave an update on volunteering at Seney. A small group (4) can count rufftail grouse, but it will have to be before October 15. If you're interested send her an email. The other option is to do some Japanese barberry removal in the Ottawa.

We are planning another library program at the Portage Lake District library. Some ideas are signs of fall, the leaves changing, and the ever popular skulls and skins. If any one has some good ideas send an email to the list or bring it up at the next meeting!

Nate has informed us that the Timber Wolf Alliance is having a clinic probably at Alberta in the first or second week of December. We aren't sure of the cost yet maybe $40-50. Nate will keep us posted. It sounds like alot of fun and a good chance to learn something.

Andy went to the UPPEC (Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition)meeting last week. They covered alot of environmental topics including sulfide mining, the UPPCO land sales, etc. This group puts on the Lake Superior Youth Symposium aswell as a wildlife art festival. If you have any questions Andy is the man to talk to. At the meeting we thought it would be a good idea to see if UPPEC needs help cleaning trails or something like that.

We also thought it would be fun to do a group hike. So we plan to go on a day hike in Sylvania (I don't know where it is but Kate does).

For those of you who are new or just forgot SCB has a stretch of highway near Alberta that they have adopted. The plan is to do a clean up on October 21st and then a bonfire at the Ford Forestry Center. Matt is going to find out if the dorm folks can eat down at the FFC.

There is a Stewart Lake Cleanup on Oct 7. For anyone interested talk to Lindsey.

We have a now have a design for our shirts! Go fighting grosbeaks!!

Kurt and Erin went to have collect some bog plants last week for the bog garden, however none were found.

If anyone still needs to pay your dues its $5 and you can get that to Dan.

We plan to show the Cane Toad movie (or an alternative) on Thurs Oct 5 in the Forestry Building. Should be fun so bring your friends.

We went out and netted bats near the Quincy mine after Wednesdays meeting. Lots of fun and a bit scary seeing those little guys whiz past your face. Hopefully we can do it again next year.

Next meeting is October 3rd.

12 September 2006

A short but productive first meeting. We started with introductions and moved on to current and past projects and new ideas for the upcoming year.

  • Highway Clean-Up with bonfire at Alberta after (maybe even a sauna)
  • Signs on the Tech Trails
  • Shirts
  • Fundraisers...Road Kill Stew
  • Hiking...any ideas?
  • Otter River cabin trip with Forestry Club in October
  • Removal of exotic species
  • Animal counts at Seney NWR
  • Bog garden revival
  • Bird dissections
  • Mist netting bats

    FYI we will be netting bats after the next meeting which will be Tuesday September 19 at 7:00pm. Pizza will also be provided.

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