SCB Minutes

25 January 2005

1.) We have a posterboard!! Yes, that's right, we have our very own bulletin board space courtesy of's next to the wildlife lab :)
2.) Medhavi met with a Evan McDonald of the Keweenaw Land Trust and discussed possible ideas for the property. She's going to look into the conservation easement issue, etc.
3.) Meeting next week, five p.m., after which we're finishing up the bathouses.
4.) The Tuesday  of Carnival (February 8) we're having a movie night with pizza!!
5.) The webpage is being updated. Suggestions, let us know.
6.) In later events, tentative snowshoeing at the end of February and a Portage Library Learning night in March...

17 January 2005

1.) *NEW MEETING TIME* there have been some requests for an earlier meeting time, so we are going to try that for the next few weeks and see how it works out. The new meeting time is: Tuesdays at 5:00 p.m. (still in the atrium).

2.) Contacted Evan Mcdonald at the Keweenaw Land Trust about implementing a nature trail/conservation easement on our property, but  the school didn't like the idea of a conservation easement in case they wanted to sell the property. Still meeting with Mr. McDonald, probably early next week though, to ask him a few questions about getting a nature trail in there.

3.) we are collecting empty bottles and cans to recycle, and will donate the money to tsunami relief funds. We'll try and get collection boxes on a few places on campus. Also, if you have empties, hold on to them, and we'll collect all the cans and recycle them. The credit union is accepting donations until january 28th, so we should get all our recycling done by then.There will be more details about this later on this week or early next week.

4.) We're looking into having a movie night soon, and watching The Day After Tomorrow. More on this as we work out details. If anyone has a preference for a date and time, e-mail the list.

5.) As a senior gift, we're going to create a scoop library, so start saving your exams as you get them back, and dig around for old exams too!

6.) Max has a friend at LSSU who wanted to know if we were intrested in doing a wilderness first response course. There was an interest in this, and we'll have more details on it soon.

7.) We also want to do something for/with the humane society like a dog or cat food drive, or raising money or finding things to donate.

8.) It was also suggested that we go on a snowshoeing trip up by hungarian falls or someplace equally as pretty, so that's something we could plan and get going soon for a winter activity.

9.) There are several activities that we could do towards the end of the year:
*We could have an info table set up for spring fling (not sure what the date is for that).
*Earth day is april 22nd (also the last day of regular classes). The Environmental Sustainability Committee typically has events going on for earth week, so we could join in with them and/or have activities of our own.
*The first stretch of pick-up dates for the adopt-a-highway program is from April 23 - May 1, so we could do an end of the year clean-up. We'll talk more about these as we get closer to the end of the year.

5 October 2004

We had a short meeting tonight to talk about our upcoming projects.
1) October 24th at 1 pm we're building bat boxes in celebration of Halloween!!! should be super fun, there will be food too i'm sure!

2) We're not going to be able to do the official water clean-up on Make a Difference Day due to prior commitments of club members but we'll work on a clean-up project somewhere soon before the snow starts flying!

3) Medhavi's communicating with the middle school principal, stay tuned! there's no meeting next week, see you the following week (don't worry, there will be a reminder e-mail)!!!! 

20 January 2004

tonight was one crazy little meeting let me tell ya... we had a couple of new members there which was great to see and we welcome them and hope they'll be back soon to become a permanent addition to our SCB chapter. topics covered include the following:
1) Earth Day events and local school outreach. Melody will be sending out forwarded e-mails about these opportunities, which deal primarily with mentoring.

2) As is, there is currently no environmental club at Houghton High to work with. Emily's going to contact her people there and see if there is interest from the student body, and if so, we'll act accordingly.

3) SCB is out to do something fun and the current plan is a t-shirt making party! look for more details soon...

4) Winter Carnival: we're going to fill out an application for a food stand and our menu is going to be scones and tea. anyone who wants to work (if only for a half hour) e-mail either melody or myself (, and it's looking like we're going to be doing the baking ourselves, so for any of you budding pastry/bakery chefs out there, you've got a great opportunity to show off your mad cooking skills and help us whip up some tasty treats!

5) I (Lindsey Moritz) am a proud member of Michigan Tech's Women's Tennis Team. I am currently selling raffle tickets to support our program for $10 apiece with a top prize of $10,000. If you're interested (and i know you are!) just let me know :)

6) We're plotting an SCB mascot and considering calling ourselves the Fighting Grosbeaks (gold and black, Tech colors)!!!

7) Melody's going to be acting in Much Ado About Nothing, keep it in mind for a fun cultural event in February!

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