Please consider submitting your forest inventory data to help create a map of black ash throughout its range. Click to download the data submission form.

Black ash wetlands have an uncertain future in the face of the invasive Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). We are working to understand the impacts of EAB and to develop management options to mitigate undesirable effects. You may be able to help us as we work to help land managers in the region prioritize their efforts by expanding our findings to a regional scale.

Expanding our study site results to a regional scale and identifying existing and sensitive black ash stands require knowing how much black ash is on the landscape and where it is. There are currently no small-scale maps of black ash throughout its range that can be used. The existing maps of black ash are too coarse to be used in on-the-ground management or for modeling the impacts of EAB.

Accurate mapping will require many forest inventory plots from all across the range of black ash. This scale of data collection is one reason these maps do not already exist. I am hoping to gather inventory data throughout the region that I can use to map black ash. I am asking you for plot-level inventory data, with known coordinates, from areas that contain black ash (an accurate map will need plots where 0–100% of the basal area is black ash). If you are interested in contributing, please use this form to indicate your inventory method, then send that and your inventory data (in whatever form you keep it) to Joe Shannon ( All submitted data will be used to either train the mapping classifier, or test the accuracy of the map.

The inventory data you contribute will be used to create a map of black ash throughout its native range at a scale fine enough to use for management purposes. When the map is complete it will be made publicly available and anyone who has contributed data will be contacted to make sure they see it right away. While we plan to also make the training and testing data public with the map, any contributed data can be kept private by indicating this on the attached submission form. Thank you for considering helping in this effort. If you have any questions you can e-mail ( or call (906-487-1831) Joe Shannon. Please feel free to pass this e-mail and the PDF form to anyone who may be interested.